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Senior Visual Arts Technician - Secondary School

  • Senior Visual Arts Technician - Post
  •  Location - Greenwich, London
  •  Salary - £80 - £100 per day
  •  Date Posted - 19/01/2022

To be responsible to the Head of the Visual and Media Arts faculty for the maintenance of equipment, the provision of materials and provision of in class support for demonstrations and use of materials/techniques in order to enable effective teaching and learning. To lead the provision of technical support across the Visual and Media Arts and support the work and development of colleagues. To help coordinate specific arts projects and liaise with outside agencies and visiting practitioners.

The person concerned needs to have excellent organisation and communication skills and be able to work under their own initiative. They will be supported and advised by the Director of Arts & Creativity and by the Curriculum Leaders for Art, who will be responsible for development and appraisal of the post holder, and the Head of Photography.


  1. To create a positive working relationship with staff and students
  2. To develop a sense of community which reflects the school's values
  3. To work professionally within the performing arts faculty
  4. To maintain a safe working environment within the faculty and in other areas of the school as required for duties of the job.

Key duties

  1. To prepare teaching resources and materials for the Visual and Media Arts faculty
  2. To collaborate with the Media Technician and Art Technician and help to coordinate technical support for colleagues and students within and beyond the Visual and Media Arts
  3. Manage the ordering and distribution of materials across the visual arts departments
  4. Help to coordinate a range of arts projects with external agencies, institutions, and practitioners
  5. Collaborate with the technician in Design Technology where relevant
  6. Model practice as an artist/maker/designer alongside colleagues and students
  7. To be responsible for ensuring that adequate safety precautions relating to materials and equipment maintenance are taken at all times as required under Health and Safety legislation.
  8. To keep an up-to-date asset register for Visual and Media Arts and review on an annual basis in liaison with curriculum leaders.
  9. To accompany students on trips/journeys as required.

Specific Responsibilities

  1. Act as a source of support and guidance to technician colleagues in other schools as requested, as part of the school's wider borough support.
  2. Organise and store equipment and consumable materials, maintaining stock levels and notifying the relevant teaching staff of any shortages.
  3. Exhibit student work including end of year shows and the regular display of work around school. Take oversight of the quality of displays across the building.
  4. Document student work for assessment purposes and updating the visual art departments' online presence.
  5. Prepare media for use in practical lessons including painting, printing, photography, and sculpture.
  6. Set up equipment for use in practical lessons, including dark room organisation and maintenance.
  7. Occasionally assist or support in practical lessons, including the demonstration of particular processes and techniques, as requested by the Head of Faculty.
  8. Work alongside the Media and Performing Arts Technicians to support the events, showcases and performances within the school's calendar.
  9. Work as a team member in meeting the requirements of the visual arts curriculum.
  10. Oversee maintenance, including cleaning of tools and equipment, reporting any damaged or missing items to the teaching staff.
  11. Have regard for the general welfare of students with whom you come into contact, reporting problems to the teaching staff.

Other Key Duties:

  1. To attend and participate in faculty and staff meetings as required.
  2. To undertake professional development of your skills, undergoing appropriate training, for which the school's management will provide opportunity within the total of your weekly working hours.
  3. Pioneer new techniques, processes and strategies in the visual arts, training staff and students where appropriate.
  4. To be a trained first aider.

Additional Duties:

  1. To carry out additional duties, as the Curriculum Leaders and Director of Arts & Creativity may reasonably request from time to time.
  2. To be responsible for promoting and safeguarding the welfare of students you have responsibility for and for those whom you come into contact with.
  3. To comply with the school's Health & safety Policy and to undertake risk assessments as appropriate.
  4. To work within the school's Equality and Diversity Policy.
  5. To ensure that the spirit of the school equal opportunities policy is implemented.

  • Reference: SBSECFTJG_1641987730