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Strategic Lead

  • Strategic Lead - Post
  •  Location - Lewisham, London
  •  Salary - £50000 - £500000 per annum
  •  Date Posted - 30/06/2022

The Strategic Lead (SL) of Sunrise Community nursery is employed by the board of directors to run the entire operations of Sunrise Community nursery. The SL's remit is to implement board decisions and initiatives and to maintain the smooth operation of the business.

The SL provides leadership and direction to the management team and nursery practitioners within the settings. As the role develops and broadens, specific responsibilities are delegated to a structured management team.

The SL oversees the delivery of the service, ensuring that it is of the highest quality and meets the needs of all stakeholders. The SL carries out the strategic planning of the nursery and works alongside the Nursery Manager and Deputy Manager to carry out the day-to-day running of the nursery. The SL initiates change by designing, developing and implementing the strategic plan for the organisation's long-term future, paying particular attention to the quality and compliance of practice.

An important part of the role is ensuring that the nursery's employees, the budget for staff salaries, nursery maintenance, the company's resources are deployed in the most cost-effective way.


· It is not essential to have a background in early years childcare and education, but an SL does need a thorough understanding of issues central to the sector.

· A good level of knowledge and insight into how to run a nursery/childcare setting safely and ethically.

· Ability to drive continual improvement in the quality of nurseries, ensuring positive outcomes for children as well as meeting the needs of parents in a sustainable way.

· Experience of having responsibility for managing people, business administration, marketing, finance and working directly with customers and external agencies.

· It is important that the SL keeps up to date with, and contributes to, activities that support the professionalism of childcare and the ongoing pursuit of excellence in the field.

Ideas of tasks

· Collaborating with sector organisations such as the National Day Nurseries Association, the Pre-School Learning Alliance and Working Families, and accessing professional development opportunities.

· Review possibilities of developing/acquiring other settings.

· Develop ideas and projects for working more closely with our local communities (including schools and other nursery setting) and increasing income generation to support projects.

· Consult with stakeholders to seek feedback on the service and use this information to improve practice and develop potential projects.

· Working with other nursery leaders in the industry to discuss how we can work effectively and collaboratively on key issues such as the free entitlement and qualifications.

· Pursuing ideas suggestions from the board i.e. providing a 24 hour childcare provision, consider providing an emergency back-up services so that we can support parents whose regular childcare arrangements fail.

· Generate initiatives for improving recruitment and retention such as employee appreciation months where parents can write comments about our staff. Parents are so positive about the hard work and effort that goes into caring for their children and we should celebrate those remarks as they mean a huge amount to staff.

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  • Reference: SM31_1655982837