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Becoming an “outstanding” teacher

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Becoming an “outstanding” teacher

CPD / Training for supply teachers

Published: 12/11/2017

At Future Education, we are fortunate to have a large group of dedicated and hard-working supply teachers who are ready to help schools in their hour of need, often with very little notice. However, as they are not in substantive teaching posts, these teachers receive very little training or continued professional development (CPD). If they are lucky, supply teachers might get asked to participate in the odd INSET day but there is very little opportunity to improve their teaching practice. To combat this, Future Education, in partnership OLEVI and Pioneer Academy, run regular training / CPD for our wonderful supply teachers.

During a recent half-term, 15 Teachers descended upon the of OLEVI training centre in Bromley for Future Education’s latest CPD course for supply teachers. The modern training facility is a large open plan space with smaller rooms for discussion and planning sessions, as well as large TV screens, interactive whiteboards, library, kitchen and relaxation area.

Designed by OLEVI and facilitated by Richard Lockyer (Founder of OLEVI and Jariram) and Lee Mason-Ellis (Executive Head Teacher of Pioneer Academy), the highly effective and motivating ‘Becoming an “outstanding” Teacher Programme’ gives teachers, who want to improve their practice, a set of skills and strategies to reach the next teaching level.

The day started with an ice breaker discussing opinions of what “outstanding” teaching looks like. This would form the basis of everything that would unfold throughout the day.

The key areas covered were:

• Deepening thinking

• Role Modelling

• Impact in learning

• Challenging expectations

• Engaging in learning

Richard spent the morning focusing on the theory side of teaching whilst Lee used the afternoon session to concentrate on the practical. The use of video clips, group discussions, idea sharing and games ensured that the training was fun and engaging for everyone involved.

At the end of the session, each teacher was invited to complete a programme evaluation form. Below are a few feedback comments:

“I had got into the habit of immediately focusing on behaviour management when going into an unfamiliar classroom. Today I’ve realised that if I focus on ‘outstanding’ teaching, it is more likely that the behaviour will look after itself”

“As a supply teacher, I do not receive any training or CPD. Today has really helped me to reflect on my teaching practice and I truly believe that it will help me to be a better teacher”

“Today has given me a great insight into what outstanding teaching should look like. Lee has also given me some great strategies that I can utilise in the classroom”

As teachers ourselves here at Future Education, we believe that training for supply teachers is extremely important. It enables us to give something back to our hard-working supply teachers as well as ensuring that our schools, and their pupils, are benefiting from good teaching and learning.

If you would like to participate in our next training session, please contact Jamie on 020 8256 0910 for more information.

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