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Being a Team and it's Importance

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Being a Team and it's Importance

Published: 29/05/2017

As we settle into the new half-term after its starting burst, the focus of our new Senior Leaders I’ve noticed, is on their team.

Can they find a leadership team that supports them? Will that new Deputy Headteacher be their reliable second-in-command? Will the new Headteacher support their career progression?

This is a crucial concern. Understandably, as you will be working with these school leaders every day.

Our last appointment as Senior Management Consultants was an Interim Deputy Headteacher to a school in London. We placed someone in a highly competitive recruitment drive alongside a number of other candidates. Whilst some of the others were more traditionally experienced in the areas the school were looking for, our candidate was given the job due to another, equally important, factor. He would fit the team.

The Headteacher was not only looking for an excellent teaching practitioner with leadership experience, but also someone he could trust. He wanted a Senior Leader who could be his right-hand man. Someone that shared the ethos of the school and could lead it in the same direction. A school manager who has a fresh and dynamic approach to the challenges they are sure to face in the coming years.

We have learnt that the appointability of a new Headteacher or Senior Leader is broken down as such: 50% is experience 50% is personality

This is why we have been, and always will be, a people-focused company.

We care about the desires of our Senior Leaders in regards to balancing personal life and their careers. We are more interested in what a leader can offer beyond a list of jobs on a piece of paper. The last Ofsted result of a school is important but what’s also crucial is knowing how they treat their school leaders. What level of compassion and enthusiasm will the new teacher bring? What support can the welcoming leadership team offer? Is there a positive working environment? These questions are the foundation of our emphasis.

Sometimes we can act as the sealing agent that secures that missing link in the team.

As a Senior Leader, you may be looking for a short-term, interim project in a new school or schools. Perhaps you’re a Headteacher without a substantive post, happy to work on a competitive daily rate for a term or year. We know that a school is out there, awaiting that central cog to set the whole thing in motion.

After liaising with one of our Dioceses, we saw the need to fill that missing link.

So we set up a meeting with one of our Interim Headteachers. This began the whole process of his next appointment. Without knowing it, the Diocese’s schools had found a solution to their leadership problem. With little time to find a new Headteacher and a number of schools in need of emergency leadership, we added that crucial element to lead a team with direction.

We are always looking to help Headteachers and Senior Leaders find a new team they are thrilled to work with. We know a school’s priority when welcoming new school managers is their ability to contribute positively to leadership staff. In getting to know our candidates’ needs on a personal and professional level, we understand the meaning of teamwork in School Leadership.

Our Leadership Advisors at Future Education build our own team of teaching managers and schools. If you’re looking for a new team, we’d love you to join us.

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