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Guidance and Help

Professional, Confidential Support for Teachers

Published: 28/03/2018

Guidance and Help – Professional, Confidential Support for Teachers

Teaching can be extremely rewarding, but it can also be very stressful!

Bad days, a heavy workload, deadlines, high expectations, managing pupils and parents, difficult classes and a multitude of other factors – teaching is a job that comes with a multitude of unique pressures and challenges. These can all take their toll on physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.

It’s easy to feel isolated, or like you’re the only one struggling – but the reality is that there is support out there if you need it. Don’t struggle on alone!

In this post, we look at some of the different options and organisations that are out there to provide dedicated support for educational professionals, should you ever need it.

Education Support Partnership

The Education Support Partnership is the UK’s only charity that’s completely dedicated to providing mental health and wellbeing support to teachers and other educational staff.

If you’re struggling in your professional or personal life, stressed or anxious about anything, they are there to help. Whether you want confidential advice, need someone to speak to, or just want a friendly, non-judgemental person at the end of the phone – you can call their free helpline at any time, day or night, 365 days a year:

  • Call: 08000 562 561
  • Text: 07909 341 229

In addition to the free helpline, their friendly support team deal with all kinds of issues, and nothing is too big or too small. The Educational Support Partnership can help you by providing confidential emotional support, coaching, professional counselling or signposting you to the right long term treatment.

Additional information about the Education Support Partnership and the support they can offer can be found on their website at

The National Education Union

If you’ve got concerns, problems or disputes relating to working conditions, pay, employment or equality, The National Education Union is there to support you.

Members can benefit from the support of a dedicated rep, and professional advice and guidance on a wide range of topics. You will also benefit from access to legal service provision, should you ever need it.

The union also runs the NUT Benevolent Fund – there to provide financial assistance to members when they need it most. If you have suffered from illness, an accident, an injury, unemployment or bereavement, you can apply for a grant, designed to help you deal with short term financial emergencies and get you back on your feet.

Further information about the NUT and how they can help can be found at

Expert Careers Support and Guidance from Future Education

Whilst we are not professional councillors or mentors, we are former teachers and education recruitment specialists.

We know and understand the challenges and stresses facing educational professionals at every stage of their career. If you’re looking for a change of environment, a different challenge or a new start, we can help you find the right opportunities in primary schools, secondary schools and SEN teams across the capital.

In addition to helping you find the perfect job in London, we’re always happy to provide all our candidates with honest advice and support on a range of topics relating to employment and professional development.

Find your perfect teaching role today, with support from Future Education – browse through our latest teaching jobs in London today. Alternatively, call our team on 020 8256 0910 or email for additional information.

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