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How to finance teacher training without a salary?

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How to finance teacher training without a salary?

Published: 15/11/2018

Thinking of becoming a teacher in London, but worried about the finances?

You’re not alone – professionals in every industry and at every stage of their careers want to make the switch to teaching, but are concerned about whether the figures stack up.

The good news is that today, the UK is crying out for teachers! There is more funding support available than ever before, with bursaries, scholarships, loans and additional funding available. You may even be able to earn a salary while you train.

In this post, we explore the different funding options available – showing how you can turn your dreams of teaching in London into reality.

Bursaries and scholarships

If you already have a degree (2:2 or higher), you may be eligible for a tax free bursary totalling up to £32,000. The amount of money you could receive will depend on the subject you are planning to teach – with higher amounts available for Maths, science subjects, languages, geography and computing.

Other subjects, including English, History, Design and Technology, Music and RE are also eligible for smaller sums. For those wanting to teach Primary maths, a smaller bursary of £6,000 is available.

Scholarships are reserved for especially gifted trainees, and offer additional networking and training benefits, in addition to tax-free funding.

Maintenance and Tuition Fee Loans

If you’re on a non-salaried course, you can apply for a tuition fee loan of up to £9,250. You can also apply for a maintenance loan to cover the cost of living, of up to £11,354.

Loans are available through Student Finance England, and will only need to be repaid in instalments once you’re earning over £25,000.

Grants and allowances

If you’re a parent, have adult dependants or have a disability, you will be eligible for further grants and allowances.

Parents can apply for childcare grants (up to £282.36 each week for those with two children or more), and may also want to apply for child tax credits.

Those with adult dependants can apply for an Adult Dependant Grant (up to £2,925 per year). The Parents’ Learning Allowance is open to full time trainees with children, and provides a grant of up to £1,669 per year.

Those with disabilities can apply for Disabled Students’ Allowance (DSAs) to cover some of the additional training costs associated with their disability.

Salaried trainee positions

There are routes into teaching that come with a salary – these include postgraduate teaching apprenticeships, and the School Direct (salaried) scheme.

Throughout the training, you will be paid (and taxed) as an unqualified teacher. The amount you are paid will depend on the school and the location (more in inner London).

If you’re changing careers and have a degree (2:1 or higher) you could also earn a salary through the Teach First Leadership Development programme. You’ll start on an unqualified teacher salary, before moving up to a newly qualified teacher salary in your second year.

Additional information about all the different funding options available to you can be found at

What’s Next?

Choosing teaching as a career is a great choice not only because of the highly rewarding nature of the job, inspiring and influencing young people’s lives, but also there is a constant demand for teachers.

Once you’ve completed your teacher training and you are happy that teaching is the career for you, then you’ll be ready to apply for your first full time teaching role. Some schools may offer their trainee teachers a role once they have fully qualified, however some may not offer jobs to their trainees, or once you have completed your training you may choose to relocate to a different school.

This is where Future Education can help. We’re able to help you bridge the gap from training to full time employment with experienced team members and former school teachers on hand to offer helpful advice. We also work directly work Primary, Secondary and SEN schools to provide a wide range of teaching jobs available in London and across the capital once you have completed your teacher training.

For additional information, please call a specialist member of the Future Education recruitment team on 020 8256 0910, or email today.

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