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It's a Royal Wedding!

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It's a Royal Wedding!

What can we learn from the royals?

Published: 25/05/2018


It's not often we have a royal wedding but we all hope that when there is one you all celebrate just as much as we do! Here's the team this morning getting in the mood already. 



So we were discussing how sometimes interviewing for a job means you have to turn into a Royal yourself. How? I hear you ask.....

  1. Mind your manners - Have you ever come out of an interview and always worried whether you said the right thing or if something was misinterpreted? As a royal there's certain things you cannot say just like your first encounter with a potential new employer.
  2. Always look your best - Do you remember any occasion where Kate Middleton has been dressed inappropriately? No? Neither do we. So make sure you make the same impression when you first meet your interviewer
  3. Be kind to everyone you meet - If you are being given a tour around the school or being introduced to others, it may begin to feel like a formal engagement, shaking hands an saying hello, trying to remember names. This brings us onto our next tip for interviews inspired by the royals....
  4. Don't under estimate your smile - We always see the royals flashing their pearly whites, looking endearing. Get caught in a awkward interview situation? Just smile! Unsure what to say? Smile! It will make it a little less awkward and you'll still maintain a warming persona you've worked so hard to put across in the first instance.

Sadly we didn't get our invite in the post, our pal His Royal Highness Hazza said it got lost....typical Royal Mail! However we sent a few out ourselves so we don't feel left out and have a few of our lovely teachers to join us. So even though we may not be in the chapel ourselves we'll still be watching in style with our Fortnum and Mason Royal Blend tea, British butter biscuits and our union jacks. We are calling it our classic British survival pack....the tea may get upgraded at some point.

So join in the fun and send us your photos! No matter what you're up to tomorrow. Just tag us on Instagram, twitter, send on facebook or email us at 

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