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Starting your Teaching Career in London

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Starting your Teaching Career in London

Published: 14/06/2017

It might seem daunting, but there are fantastic opportunities for newly qualified teachers across the UK – and particularly so in the capital. There is a real shortage of teachers in London, and it’s a great place to kick start your career.

If you want to earn good money, enjoy a fantastic work-life balance in a vibrant city and develop valuable skills to build your teaching career on - ditching Canada for London can be a smart move.

Dedicated Mentoring Support

Being a newly qualified teacher can be scary – and you might think this would be even scarier when working abroad. However, whilst UK schools are different from those in Canada, you won’t have to go it alone.

Every new teacher in the UK gets a dedicated mentor, there to provide at least 2 hours a week of dedicated support. They will help you to settle, adapt, progress and hone your teaching skills. Schools are well funded in the capital, and you’ll find well-equipped classrooms, with the resources and support needed to teach in the way that works for you and your pupils.

At Future Education, our team includes many former teachers, and we’re always happy to provide friendly advice and support when you need it most.

Making the most of Life in London

London is one of the world’s great cities – but it has a reputation for being an expensive place to live! Whilst it’s a fact that renting in London can be expensive, the good news is that your salary as a teacher in the UK will reflect that.

Come to teach in London with support from Future Education, and we’ll provide you with a guaranteed contract – so you can start working and earning straight away. In the UK, you actually get paid more as a teacher if you’re working in London to reflect the higher cost of living!

At Future Education, many of our team members have been living in London our whole lives. We know the capital, where’s good to live, and will provide a full support package. We’ll help you to settle in to life in London – introducing you to other teachers in the same position, and providing honest, expert advice on where to live, housing and the different areas of the city. 

Connecting with the Community

More and more Canadian teachers are choosing to come and build their careers in the UK. London is a fantastic place to live. It’s one of the world’s great cities, with so much to see and do, and every kind of event, sport, activity and interest you could think of to get involved in.

We also know that sometimes, there’s no place like home, and at Future Education, we’ll help to connect you with the international teaching community – introducing you to other Canadian teachers in the same position as you. We also hold regular nights out for our international teachers – designed to help you make friends in the capital as soon as you arrive.

Teach in London with Future Education

Future Education are the capital’s education recruitment specialists – working with schools across the capital to match them with the right newly qualified teachers from across the world.

Whether you’re a newly qualified teacher from Canada, Australia, the USA or the EU – Future Education is here to help you take the plunge, make the move overseas and start a successful teaching career in London.  

Find out more about teaching in London, and get in touch with our team today to find out how Future Education can help you start the overseas teaching career you’ve always dreamed of:

London: (+44) 20 8776 1903 or

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