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Supply teaching

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Supply teaching

A Lifestyle Choice

Published: 28/03/2017

If you’re reading this, you have likely just qualified as a teacher, you are currently completing your PGCE or teaching qualification, or you’re thinking of becoming a teacher. Like most jobs, it can be a daunting thought - committing to a full time teaching job, which, despite the superior number of holiday days, contains long working hours, masses of homework and planning, and often stressful working environments. 

Why supply teaching? 

Supply teaching likely appeals if you have just completed your teaching qualifications or can’t commit to the full time requirements. However, it can also be a backup option if you cannot secure a permanent role at your favoured school. 

Whatever your current situation, it is a fantastic way of gaining valuable working experience. It also gives you an opportunity to develop your knowledge of classroom etiquette, specific subjects and the different age groups, from reception class up to secondary school and college students. 

How to get into supply teaching? 

Despite the benefits that come with a supply teaching role, it shouldn’t be seen as a failure to secure a permanent role. According to this article, approaching supply teaching in this manor is a pathway to stress, unhappiness and a recipe for falling out of love with teaching. 

Instead, it needs to be seen as an opportunity to propel your teaching career forward. A challenge that may not be exactly what you wanted, but will teach you valuable lessons that you couldn’t learn without the experience. 

The article also highlights the important of selecting1-3 teaching agencies you can be confident in, instead of listing with multiple agencies. 

Following that, the basics are the all-important. 

  • Make sure your CV is up to date, tidy and no longer than a couple of pages.
  • Make your application stand out, listing your most important/relevant experiences in chronological order.
  • Explain your individual roles within the classroom.
  • List all of your qualifications on your CV and have certificates ready as proof. 

Qualifications needed to be a supply teacher 

In order to be eligible to become a supply teacher at any level, you need to have qualified teacher status and therefore a teacher number. 

The recruitment process 

If you want to pursuit a supply teaching role, the process is a straightforward one. Providing you have your teaching qualifications, the first and most important step is to sign up with a teaching agency. 

At Future Education, we are particularly suited to finding suitable roles for supply teachers. Our recruitment team is made up of former primary, secondary and SEN school teachers, which means we have been through the same recruitment process, giving us priceless experience within the supply teaching industry. 

Not only are our recruiters skilled in placing supply teachers in suitable roles, Future Education develop your skills for when you successfully find a new role. Our specialist team help you to undertake training and learn valuable skills and experience, to ensure you impress throughout your teaching career. 

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