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Teaching Tech 2018

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Teaching Tech 2018

The Best Apps for Teachers

Published: 12/02/2018

Teaching Tech 2018 – The Best Apps for Teachers

It’s time to take your teaching into the 21st century! Ed-tech is big business and today, there are literally thousands of apps available to help support teachers both inside and outside of the classroom.

Working in partnership with our tech recruitment friends over at Future Tech, we’ve taken a look at the wealth of teaching apps available, and picked out a selection of fantastic tools designed to help you improve organisation, productivity, communication and learning.

From specialist Ed-tech platforms to useful everyday tools - here are our top teaching apps for 2018.


  • ClassDojo


ClassDojo is a fantastic app for helping to monitor and improve student behaviour. It connects teachers and students with parents, strengthening the lines of communication between school and home by providing a central platform where information can be shared.

Taking a positive approach to student behaviour, it’s a great way to keep parents up to date about what’s happening in the classroom and how individuals are behaving – and can be a powerful tool when managing ‘difficult’ pupils and encouraging positive classroom culture!

It’s easy to use, and available for both android and IOS.


  • Slack


Do you want to cut down the time you spend in meetings and replying to group emails? Slack is the answer. It’s been popular in the design and business worlds for years and we’re amazed that more schools aren’t using it for teacher and faculty communications.

A centralised messaging system that brings the whole school’s communication into a single, shared workspace – it is a single platform that will help you to free up time, drive accountability and connect teachers.

If you’re used to massive group email strings and longwinded meetings, it’s a revelation.


  • Nearpod


Nearpod is a really useful platform that will slash the time and effort associated with lesson planning, and bring engaging, interactive learning into the classroom. An interactive presentation and assessment tool, it’s great for delivering lessons and connecting with students for tablet-based and mobile device learning.

In addition to ready-made and custom lessons, it can be used to set homework and deliver tests directly on the tablet. It even offers handy tracking tools, so you can tell when students try to leave the app during class!


  • Planboard


Planboard is a free tool that’s specifically designed to help you cut down the amount of time spent on lesson planning and classroom prep.

Quick and easy to use, it provides a simple system for digital lesson planning via an online editor. It’s also really good for tracking what you’ve covered - you can assign curriculum milestones and standards to each lesson, so you can stay on track and ensure your students are learning everything they should be.

Lessons can be saved for subsequent classes and years and shared with other teachers. You can also edit and maintain lessons from any connected device. Powerful, simple and effective, it’s one of our favourite pieces of software.


  • Awesome Note


Awesome Note is a handy scheduling and note taking app that’s great for teachers. From making to-do-lists and writing down lesson ideas, to organising your classroom life and writing reminders, it’s one of the best note apps around.

The real benefit of Awesome Note is its flexibility – you can synch it with your online diary, organise notes by theme or class and add alarms to notes as a reminder.

In and out of the classroom, it’s a fantastic tool for staying organised.


  • Stop, Breathe and Think


Sometimes, teaching can be extremely stressful!

Whether you’re rushed off your feet, or you’ve just had to deal with that nightmare class, it pays to take some time to relax and find a moment of calm.

Stop, Breathe and Think is an amazing mindfulness and meditation app – it’s a great way to take a few minutes out for yourself to feel calm and centre yourself. In addition to helping you feel better and reducing stress, practicing mindfulness at school can help you to become more understanding, whilst increasing classroom engagement.


  • Schoology


There are few learning management systems as comprehensive as Schoology – it’s an all in one teaching and learning platform that includes a full suite of lesson planning, instructional, management and assessment tools.

A fully centralised system that can be accessed by teachers and students, it connects your school, helping to boost engagement, promote learning and improve communication between children and teachers for the benefit of everyone.

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