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The Growing Demand for SEN - Upskill in 2021

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The Growing Demand for SEN - Upskill in 2021

Take a short course in SEN to enhance your skills, and prepare for the future.

Published: 18/02/2021

The past year has bought about enormous change (not to mention disruption) to the education sector, with the full affect yet be discovered when the pandemic cloud passes. However, there are some trends that were emerging, and continued throughout the pandemic.

Reviewing the school census figures for academic year 2019-20 and looking back at previous years, a growing trend is the increased numbers of children in schools with EHCP’s and those that require SEN support. Here at Future Education, around 3 years ago, a large majority of our SEN staff worked at SEN schools. However, according to our systems, there has been a substantial growth of SEN supply staff in Primary School settings, and that is just our data!

There’s been a number of reports showing just exactly how the demand for educators with SEN knowledge or training is increasing. Overall data shows:

  • For SEN Support, all pupils that were on the SEN support lower level of help, without an EHC plan, in January 2020 rose by 11.9% compared to January 2019.
  • There was a total of 1,373,800 pupils with an identified SEN/D need. That’s 15.5% of all pupils with a identified special educational need (either an EHCP or on SEN Support), an increase from 14.9% in 2019.
  • State-funded Primary schools saw a 0.2% rise in the numbers of children with EHCPs to 1.8%. There was a similar 0.2% increase to 12.8% of pupils on SEN support. 
  • Overall, pupils in Secondary schools with SEN account for 32.0% of all pupils with SEND, up from 31.4% in 2019.
  • 1.8% of pupils in state-funded Secondary schools have an EHC plan in January 2020, a 0.1% increase. 11.1% of pupils have SEN support, rising by 0.3% from 2019. 

 SEN Teacher and TA

During the pandemic, our SEN team were the one team that didn’t see a decrease in a need for supply and ongoing support. With the number of children with special needs rising, increasing by 5.3% on last year, it is no wonder there is a desperate need for educators with detailed knowledge to help guide children with SEN needs.

Come the new academic year we can expect an even greater need for SEN to emerge, yet with that comes more challenges. Because the system cannot cope with the increased number of pupils with EHCPs, greater numbers are being educated in Primary and Secondary schools, instead of SEN. This means that as an educator, as the years pass, you are likely to be teaching more and more pupils with special educational needs.

Teachers are broadening their skills, to ensure that they can support their pupils to the best of their ability. The UK already has a shortage of teachers, particularly acute in special settings and in mainstream schools with high populations of pupils with SEN and disabilities.

So now is the perfect time to invest in yourself, as well as the children of the future. Train, upskill and empower students by gaining a certificate or diploma in SEN.

Our training partner New Skills Academy offer detailed SEN courses, with short courses specialising in Autism, Aspergers Awareness, ADHD, all the way to a full SEND Diploma. Regardless of the course you choose, working in SEN is a completely different experience, with less focus on marking and set national curriculum, and more focus on emotional and behavioural teaching to help equip special needs children with the skills they need to grow.

Click one of the links above to see for yourself the many courses on offer. When you commit to a course via Future Education, an automatic discount is applied, reducing the course from £100 to just £24! Enrol now, not only to open up new opportunities, but to also prepare yourself for skills you will need in the future.

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