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Why you should become a Supply Teacher

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Why you should become a Supply Teacher

Published: 17/07/2017

Are you looking for a better work-life balance? More flexibility in your career? Or looking to ease into your retirement? Then consider becoming a supply teacher and choose when and where you work. 

Supply teaching provides the perfect opportunity for teachers to find the ultimate balance between the classroom and their personal life, working days that suit them. Below we’ve put together some of the top reasons to consider a new job as a supply teacher.

1. Work Life Balance

According to a recent survey of supply teachers, 68% of them cited work/life balance as the reason for not wanting to take on a full-time teaching role. Achieving a more healthy work-life balance is the primary reason for many people choosing to become a supply teacher. Supply teachers are able to arrange social activities and carry out errands and other jobs during the week, whilst their full-time counterparts simply can’t.

2. Learn Whilst You Earn

Because being a Supply Teacher means you’re not committed to full-time, yearlong contracts, it means that you can undergo personal development courses or training that would simply not be possible in a standard role, whilst still getting paid. Undergoing an MA is a perfect example of how to develop your own skills and can be an invaluable asset when it comes to future career choices.

3. New Experiences

As in many jobs, working and doing the same thing for long periods of time can mean that people stop developing their skills. The styles and methods that teacher’s use maybe become tired and uninspiring for their ever modern pupils. Working in different schools meeting different teachers of differing backgrounds allows an insight into alternative methods of teaching and inspiring the next generation.

4. Ease Into Retirement

Towards the end of their careers, many find it hard to simply stop going to work. Supply teaching is a perfect way of winding down as the end of your career approaches. Reduced hours allow you to ease into your retirement without the shock of simply stopping, you can do as little or as much work as you choose, and wherever you please.

Want to know more?

We work with various schools across London, providing them with Supply Teachers on both short and long term contracts. Take a look at what teaching jobs in London we currently have available or talk to one of our education recruitment specialists for more information on how Future Education can help you find your next role as a supply teacher.

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