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Addressing Recruitment Issues in Education

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Addressing Recruitment Issues in Education

Published: 04/10/2017

Despite seeing an overall rise in the number of jobs available in not only London but across the whole of the UK, recruiting within the education sector, teachers, in particular, is a major issue that isn’t going away anytime soon.

A recent study showed that for the coming year, there has been a 4% decrease, across all subjects, in the number of applications coming from undergraduates to get into teaching. A particularly worrying statistic as we continue to see the number of pupils in schools grow at an alarming rate and the numbers of NTQs dropping.

A rise in tuition fees to £9,000 for certain subject areas has obviously had a detrimental impact on the number of undergraduates who are looking at getting into the education sector. Whilst the department education insists this rise in fees will increase the quality of teaching, this isn’t enough for some to stomach the 30-year repayments.

This isn’t only a problem of trying to recruit NQTs but fully qualified and competent teachers are now having their heads turned by teaching jobs abroad. With higher wages, improved work life balance and a focus on educating children ahead of attainment and meeting government regulation, many teachers are now opting for a life overseas.

Many schools and colleges are also being blamed for long and arduous application processes when it comes to applying for teaching jobs. An application form is now taking a prospective candidate an average of more than 2 hours to complete. This has long been an issue within Schools and Councils and is something that needs to be transformed quickly whilst not skimping on the safeguarding of students.

Whilst this is an issue that is unlikely to be fixed in the short term, with more and more influential websites and people starting to voice their concerns with regards to recruitment in education, we hope to see positive improvements in the near future.

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