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London's Job Market

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London's Job Market

One Of The Fastest In The Country

Published: 21/02/2017

Earlier this month CV Library announced that London was amongst the fastest growing job markets in the country, great news for all those in the city and surrounding areas looking for their new role in the capital this year.

The study reviewing 2016 with the previous year, showed London as the 3rd fastest rising job market, behind only Edinburgh (20%) and Liverpool (23%).

Overall London saw the number of jobs available rose by a total of 19% in comparison to the previous year. This is a refreshing and reassuring bit of news for a city that only a few months ago Brexit doom and gloom warned us of a job market that was in ‘freefall’.

With more and more jobs becoming available, there has unsurprisingly been an increase competition for these new roles, with a 9% increase in a number of job applications been received for the vacancies from job seekers.

What does this mean for getting a teaching job in London?

On the face of it, this can only be seen as a good thing for finding a job as a teacher as the more jobs that become available, means that naturally some of these will be within teaching and the education sector.

Currently, schools and colleges are seeing their own issues with regards to recruiting new staff, one been that many applicants are now shunning longwinded school application processes. However, as the job market continues to improve we’ll hopefully see other areas of the recruitment process within education improve. Making it easier for those looking to find their new teaching roles in London.

At Future Education we’re committed to taking the pain away for prospective job seekers and employers in finding the right person for the right role. You can take a look at our current vacancies within education or if you’d like more information then just get in touch with one of our recruitment specialists.

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