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Personal Branding for Education Professionals

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Personal Branding for Education Professionals

Steps towards a New Professional You

Published: 05/01/2018

In 2017, it’s vital that teachers take steps to manage their reputation online. Whether you’re starting out as an NQT, looking for a new job or wanting to progress to the next step in your career, your personal brand is important, and it’s your responsibility to look after it.

Ensure that you give off the right impression online, and that your brand says the right things to schools, colleagues, parents and pupils, with help from the tips in this guide.

Why Online Reputation is so Important

What comes up when you Google your name? What is the first thing someone would see if they found your profile on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter? Which images appear? What do you share?

Almost everyone has some kind of online presence, and you only get one chance to make a first impression. If your name is tied to inappropriate content, unsuitable images or controversial views, it can have a big impact on your reputation – making it harder to find teaching roles, and to gain essential respect from schools, parents and pupils.

Conversely, if search engine results point to a well curated education blog or YouTube channel devoted to teaching...then it can only be good news.

Protect your privacy

Despite the start warning above, you don’t need to live like a monk to be a teacher. You’re allowed a private life – but it’s sensible to keep it that way.

The first step is to take back some control of your privacy, by limiting who can see and search for your profiles on social media platforms. Review your privacy settings, and think carefully about who you want to allow into your networks. Remember, some online platforms, like Twitter, are open – so everything you tweet can be read by everyone!

Prune your content

Think carefully about the images you post, the content you share and the posts you write. A single controversial tweet, misplaced like or inappropriate image could seriously impact on your career.

At the start of the process, it’s sensible to go back through your profile, and delete anything that you don’t think reflects well on you. You may also want to check those images, and de-tag/delete any that you would be embarrassed about becoming public.

Build positive profiles

Social media can be really positive if used the right way – and that starts with building a positive public presence. If you want, keep it completely separate from your private profile. You are looking to showcase your skills and personality, and to build the reputation you want to as a teacher.

Sharing positive content, engaging with education brands you admire and joining in the conversation in a positive, thoughtful manner will all help to influence opinion about you. You can do this on the social media platforms of your choice.

If you’re looking for a new job, LinkedIn is a powerful tool. Building a positive profile that demonstrates your skills is a great way of getting your name in-front of recruiters actively looking for teachers.

Create your own content

Creating your own unique, interesting content, and sharing it online is one of the best ways to build your personal brand. Whether you’re starting a blog, making YouTube videos or podcasting – it’s a great way of influencing opinion. It will also appear in search results, so people find it when looking for you online.

Even if no-one reads/engages with you, it can also be a really useful practice in terms of personal development. Writing or reflecting on your teaching practices, experiences, lessons learned or extra-curricular activities can help you to learn and grow as a teacher.

Go public at a conference

Teaching conferences can be valuable learning experiences, and they’re great as networking and personal brand-building events. Many events are always looking for presenters, so if you’re feeling confident and have something to say, running a session can do wonders for your personal brand.

In addition to getting your name out there, it will also help to add value to your CV, giving you additional experience that will help you in your future career.

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