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SEN Resources

Supporting Students with Special Educational Needs

Published: 06/04/2013

At Future Education, we’re SEN sector recruitment specialists, helping teachers, SEN TAs, LSAs and education professionals at every stage of their careers to find the right roles in special needs schools and mainstream schools all around London.

Working in SEN can be one of the most rewarding career paths available but it also comes with unique challenges.

In a single school, SEN teachers are likely to be supporting individuals with a diverse range of educational needs and disabilities. This means adapting their teaching and communication methods to meet the requirements and ensure that every student achieves their full potential.

Thankfully, there’s plenty of help available to SEN teachers, and in this post, we explore some of the resources they can turn to for advice and support in effectively working with SEN pupils.

SEN Resources

Here, we’ve collated a selection of useful learning resources, blogs and information sites, providing a wealth of information for all teachers working in SEN.

General SEN support



Condition specific information

Here, we’ve collated a list of links to condition specific resources – designed to provide you with targeted support when teaching students with specific educational needs.

You’ll also find additional links to other condition specific support sites at  

SEN Teacher Forums

Sharing knowledge and discussing things with other teachers can be an excellent way of solving problems, overcoming challenges and finding the right solutions to support individuals.

This could be with other teachers within the school, but there are also plenty of online forums available. When it comes to SEN teaching, we think the TES Community Special Educational Needs Forum is a good place to start.

From lesson plans and inspiration, to support from other SEN professionals, it offers a fairly active community, and plenty of links to useful resources.

You can sign up for the forum here.

SEN Careers Support

At Future Education, we’re here to help teachers and education professionals to find the right roles working in SEN. As former teachers ourselves, we understand the challenges facing education professionals when it comes to career progression.

Our role isn’t just about pointing candidates to job opportunities – it’s about supporting candidates and helping them to prepare properly, develop their skills and demonstrate their expertise to potential employers.

If you want advice, guidance or support in preparing for or finding a SEN role in London, our team is always happy to help. From reviewing your CV, to signposting you to additional resources and training, we’ll help to drive your career forward. Get in touch by calling us today on 020 8256 0910.

Find your perfect role in SEN today

Whether you’re already working in SEN, want a new challenge or are relocating to the capital, Future Education are here to help you find the perfect role. Browse through our current SEN vacancies today.

Additional information about our SEN recruitment service can be found here. Alternatively, to speak to one of our specialist SEND recruitment consultants in London, call our team today on 020 8256 0910 or email your CV to


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