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The Value of Teachers in Teacher-less Classrooms

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The Value of Teachers in Teacher-less Classrooms

Published: 29/03/2017

Recently the BBC reported on a coding and software development university in California that has now opened without any teachers. In the modern day where all information is readily available at our fingertips, are we heading down a slippery slope where teachers are due to become obsolete?

One thing to remember is that this is only going to be an issue in secondary and higher education and it’s unlikely to become a reality within primary schools.

There are obvious benefits for higher education institutes to opt for teacher less environments; lower staffing costs and students becoming self-motivated and working at a natural pace amongst the primary reasons. The success coming out of the teacher less university, 42, suggests that this is definitely a teaching model that has some potential to work; however, do we then start to lose the value of teachers?

Teachers play an invaluable role in shaping their student's futures. We’re all able to remember those special teachers who would go out of their way to help you succeed at school, college or university. It’s that connection you will lose with teacher less classrooms. Maybe the focus should not be on eradicating teachers but on finding the best teachers for the job?    

Getting the right teacher in the right role is essential to ensure that student’s stay motivated, interested and are guided to succeed at school. It’s hard to pinpoint what exactly makes a good teacher, strong subject knowledge, good interpersonal skills and being organised are obvious but other things you need are:


It’s unlikely that every day at school is going to be a walk in the park, some students might not be interested that day so it’s important that teachers focus on their job and stay determined in order to help their students succeed.


Being creative and ensuring that all lessons are planned and are as interesting as possible is the mark of a great teacher. Grabbing a student’s attention in the classrooms is the key to keeping them interested and engaged with the subject.


All students work at different speeds and have varying levels of subject knowledge. Therefore teachers must ensure they’re patient and aware of everyone’s needs, not rushing through lessons but working at manageable speeds catering for each student’s particular needs.

This is not an exhaustive list but it shows just a small example of what it takes to be a great teacher and the positive impact that they can have on students within the classroom.

If you’re looking for new dedicated teacher to join your London based school or you’re looking to start your new teaching career then contact us and we’ll get you started.




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