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We're Not Just for Teachers

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We're Not Just for Teachers

Classroom Support Staff Opportunities in London

Published: 13/02/2018

Not Just for Teachers – Classroom Support Staff Opportunities in London

Are you looking to build a career in education? Want a teaching assistant or learning support assistant role in and around the capital? Future Education are here to help.

We specialise in supporting Teaching Assistants, LSAs and Classroom Support staff at every stage of their careers, providing permanent (full time and part time) and temporary roles at primary, secondary and SEN schools across London.

Whether you are looking to gain experience ahead of building a teaching career, or want a rewarding career as a teaching assistant in London, we’re here to match you with the right opportunities.

A world of opportunity

TAs and LSAs have never been more important – and there are roles available in all kinds of schools across the capital.

As schools look for ways to improve educational outcomes, support individuals and improve their classroom teaching and pastoral care, Teaching Assistants and Learning Support Assistants have become essential.

For those working in the field, it’s great news – there are more opportunities in mainstream and SEN schools available than ever before.  

Starting out and TA career progression

Becoming a Teaching Assistant open up a number of possibilities for career progression.

There are no nationally specified qualifications required to become a Teaching Assistant, though different schools and authorities may require specific requirements. Usually you will need to complete an induction course, and will then have access to additional training when working in the role.

Becoming a TA can help to build up experience and skills ahead of starting a career as a teacher, but it offers plenty of career progression in its own right. There are four levels of TA, starting at TA1, going right through to HLTA (Higher Level Teaching Assistant).

Many people are attracted to the possibility of becoming a TA because of the flexibility and work life balance it can offer. Part-time roles are common, and because they are term time, they can fit well into family life.

Within the career, there are a number of different roles, from Intervention TAs to SEN TAs. If you’re great with kids who have special educational needs, speak another language or have an aptitude for a specific subject, there will be opportunities to specialise and utilise your skills.

Pastoral development – the role of the LSA

In the past, LSA and TA were seen as interchangeable names for the same role – but today, there are some key differences.

Today, LSAs are usually brought in by schools to do intervention work, usually one-on-one with a student. Sometimes, this may be a pupil with SEN who needs some additional support, but it could also be with a gifted child to help them reach their full potential.

Many LSAs do go on to teach in SEN schools, but others use it as a way to gain practical experience as part of a psychological industry career path. In essence, the Learning Support Assistant can be more of a pastoral development role, as opposed to the academic focus of the Teaching Assistant.

Find your next teaching assistant or LSA role with Future Education

Whether you’re looking to start your career in education and want some advice, or are already working as a Teaching Assistant or LSA and fancy a new challenge, the Future Education team is here to help.

Our recruitment team is made up of former teachers, and we know the value support staff bring to schools. With close relationships with primary, secondary and SEN schools all over London, we’ll help you make the most of your skills and find the right opportunities.

For further information, call our team today on 020 8256 0910 or email your CV to Alternatively, check out our latest available roles at


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